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The Resources section is a very valuable tool we are lucky to have as a community. Here, game developers, artists, mapmakers, etc are allowed to submit their projects, whether it be for a single player game, multiplayer game, or more. Unlike most places, submissions are instantaneous, therefore there is no verification/approval process, and there is more leniency on what kind of content can be submitted.

This section consists of 2 main categories:
  • General: Resources that are free of charge to download.
  • Premium: Paid resources, where you must pay the resource owner to gain access to the download. Only premium users may upload resources here.
When submitting a resource you must remember to follow these guidelines. Any resources that violate the following will be deleted and you could potentially be banned. The list below is not completely exhaustive, and any resources that are against the IdeaGaming rules will also be removed.

Submissions may not:
  • Include anything that may offend users (e.g. racism)
  • Include any stolen work without permission from the original author
  • Include anything that is malicious (e.g. malware, trojans or a virus)
Please note that if you upload a premium resource you must frequently maintain it. If you do not publish an update for 1 month your resource will be assumed abandoned and the ownership of the resource will be automatically changed to @IdeaGaming and the original resource owner will have 14 days from then to contact staff to recover it or else it will be automatically deleted.

For a full list of guidelines, please review the IdeaGaming forum rules and responsibilities which are located here.
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